Rodent Control

Rodent Control
Latin NameRattus norvegicus
LengthThey can reach lengths of 40 cm,and their tails alone may measure 21 cm
Colorbrown or gray in color
Digestive tractYes

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Rodents: Facts Identification & Control


Rats are usually medium sized, with long tails and most common rats are black rats. Rats can be controlled using measures such as traps and baits. They often colonize in burrows, attics and in walls where its a little harder for humans to reach.

House Rats are small animals with strong bodies, short limbs, and long tails. House Rats are the largest group of mammals. Nowadays, house rats have become the most dangerous insects. House Rats population grow very quickly, so it is better to target them before the house rats population gets exceed. If you’re in need of house rats control services, here is a way, First Choice Exterminating will prevent this by taking some effective treatments with least impact on the environment.

  • Norway Rats

  • Roof Rats


Mice usually are in the hunt for food and warmth and they are usually found inside homes.

Rodent Proofing:

In rodent proofing, we do a thorough inspection of your property. Locate any rodent openings ranging from 1 to 12×12 inches, any cracks and crevices. All the openings are dusted with tracking powder, so that pests can come in contact with the powder, taking it back to their nests, where other pests live. Once we complete, the dusting in all openings, they are closed with a commercial excluder.

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