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First Choice Exterminating is your ideal choice to save time and bucks if you want a pest and termite free home. We offer the best treatment for saving your precious properties and health at risk. You are dealing with a fully licensed and insured company based in Brooklyn, New York City. Our customers make us feel proud of our quality work and after work satisfaction. With our high-quality service, we have established an excellent reputation in the Pest Control business through constantly exceeding our customer’s satisfaction. We are the top NYC exterminator with years of experience in servicing residential, commercial, property management, warehouses, hotels, and nursing homes. Major services include K-9 Bed Bug Detection & Remediation, Rodent Control, Bird Control, Bed Bug Inspection / Treatment, Flying Insect Control & Health Inspection Consultations. We offer special treatments like Heat Treatment, Organic Treatment, and other latest treatment methods. We can help you with inspection and remove violations. Extermination letters on our official letter head can help you remove the violations. Our exterminators are 24 hours ready, and one hour away from your call. We do all type of emergency services in five boroughs. All our technicians are certified applicators with industry experience and education. Keeping in mind the safety of children and pets our methods of application meet strict standards for health and safety.

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OUR SERVICESFC Pest Control Provides Major Pests Extermination Services

Bed Bug Pest Control

The Bed Bugs are just so much of an irritation and can cause severe allergies. Our technicians are well-trained. We can eliminate bed bugs by using an effective treatment approach. To eliminate bed bugs our team will use bed bug steamers, cryonite freeze killing machines, bed bug heat treatment machines, and if required an application of eco-friendly insecticides.

Termites Pest Control

Termites hollow the wooden houses and can shake the entire base. An Inspection is a key for termite infested houses to come up with a better solution of treatment. We are among the top termite specialist in five borougs. For termite inspection and treatment cost call us today for free estimates.

Cockroach Pest Control

The Cockroach may seem a harmless insect. It spreads many diseases and allergies. Roaches are important cause of asthma. Roaches are nocturnal, and if you start seeing them during the day, you need to call us to take care of it. Remember, only a professional can help you with roach removal and prevention to fully rid your home/building from roach infestation. We do all activities to safeguard and make your homes safe, and cockroach free.

Rodents Pest Control

The rodents are common in all bushy areas. Rodents love to move into cracks, crevices and dark places. They live underground and feed on food and at night time. We have trained exterminators who can remove rodents from your house and commercial places.

Mosquitoes Pest Control

The humid weather offer a chance for mosquito’s to nourish and flourish. FCE provides a permanent solution to mosquito pest control with sprays both inside out of houses.

Flies Pest Control

The Flies may seem harmless, some types are poisonous, and other spread diseases through wings. We are capable of providing the best Flies pest control services.

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